Halloween Silly Bandz Rubber Band Bracelets

Halloween Silly Bandz are a trick-or-treater’s delight. These spooky shaped rubber band bracelets are fun to collect, give as gifts or pass out instead of candy on Halloween. There are bats, ghosts, black cats, witches, haunted houses, pumpkins and other creepy characters in all sorts of colors. Some Halloween Silly Bandz Rubber Band Bracelets are tie-dyed or glow in the dark. Have fun with these fashionable bracelets.

Buddy Bands – Spooky Bands (Halloween)- 12 Pack, 2X Double Wrap Bands (Compare to Silly Bandz, Zany Bands, Goofy Bands, Disney Bands, and Stretchy Shapes) Check Out All the Buddy Band Styles and Shapes!

Halloween Scary Witch Silly Bandz

Halloween is a time for trick or treat, witches, ghosts and goblins. You can give out candy to trick-or-treaters and other fun treats too. These witch themed silly bands are a great Halloween treat to hand out in addition to or instead of candy.

There are 12 different bands you can get. These rubber band bracelets are shaped like a witch, a witch flying on a broom, and witch accessories likes a broom, hat, cauldron and the word “Witch”.

Scary Witch Shaped Rubber Bands

Halloween Monster Silly Bandz

Glow in the Dark Halloween Silly Bandz

Haunted Halloween Fun Not Boring Candy

Year after year your trick-or-treaters stuff themselves with the same boring and unhealthful candy. This year, they deserve better–give away fun Halloween treats like these Halloween rubber band bracelets!

* Glow in the Dark
* Assorted Halloween shapes include: pumpkin, cat, bat, ghost, skull and witch.
* Silly band style rubber band bracelets.

Glow Halloween Rubber Band Bracelets

These unique Halloween supplies aren’t just a great surprise for your trick-or-treaters, they are also a fun addition to any Halloween party. Spice up the event by decorating with original Halloween items like these. Or help your guests remember how much fun they had by giving them this as a party favor give-a-way.

Silly Bandz Kids Craze Rubber Bracelets Pack of 24 Halloween Glow In The Dark NEW!

Harry Potter Silly Bandz

Halloween Ideas on Pinterest

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