Holiday Silly Bandz

Holiday Silly Bandz make great stocking stuffers and are fun treats for the kids around the holidays. You can get Holiday Silly Bandz in lots of different shapes and colors that feature wintertime holiday fun like candy canes, Christmas trees, angels, snowmen, Santa Claus, Christmas stockings, and more.

These festive Christmas silly bandz are fun to share with friends and are a simple gift to give to kids at school or as a Christmas party favor.

Silly Bandz 24 Pack Holiday Shapes

Christmas Silly Bandz

Christmas Silly Bandz are a fun way to celebrate the holiday. Kids love to collect them and they make a great gift at this time of year. These Christmas Silly Bandz feature the Christmas star, Santa, a snowman, reindeer, Christmas tree and Christmas Stocking.

Christmas Character Silly Bands (12 Pack)

Hanukkah Silly Bandz

Hanukkah Silly Bandz are great for kids celebrating Hanukkah. They make great gifts and are fun for kids to share. This set of Hanukkah Silly Bandz features these shapes: Menorah, Present, Torah, Star of David, Dreidel, and Gelt.

Stretchy Shapes HAPPYHANUKKAH Happy Hanukkah Metallic Rubber Bands 24 Pack

Holiday Silly Bandz

Holiday Silly Bandz Bracelets

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