Halloween Silly Bandz – Spooky Glow in the Dark Rubber Band Bracelets

It’s almost Halloween! Kids love candy and dressing up and trick-or-treating.  Kids love Silly Bandz too.  Silly Bandz bracelets are a great treat to give out instead of candy or in addition to it.  These rubber bandz bracelets are also great Halloween party favors.

Halloween Glow In The Dark Shaped Bands Pkg/12

Get some of these Silly Bandz bracelets for Halloween.  They come in all sorts of spooky shapes and creepy colors.  There are witch, ghost, bat, black cat, pumpkin, and skeleton silly bandz.  Glow in the dark silly bandz are a great way to make trick-or-treaters more visible at night.  Plus they are oh so fun.

Check out these Halloween shaped silly bandz.

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